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Lilama EMC: “takes initiative, creativeness – being steady for integration”

It seems that the blazing hot air of Summer and severe weather at project sites enhance the engrossment without tiredness in working of labourers from Lilama Engineering Mechanical JSC (LILAMA EMC). Together with the construction equipment and machineries which are now displaying their max capacities, all projects are coming to destination (the accomplishment stage) in accordance with the undertaken schedules with assured quality, satisfying their partners & customers.

Lilama EMC: installing 02 Reactors 101 & 102 of Package SMP4 (AE00).

Today 22/5, in Nghi Son oil chemical refinery project, Lilama Machinery Erection and Mechanical Company (Lilama EMC) in coordination with Nippon Express Co. (NEX) has conducted to install 02 Reactors of Package SPM4 (AE00) with total weight of approximately 900 tons.

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